Some historical places of Mazandaran

Historial Basabad
Collection of historical monuments Basabad province is.
This collection of gardens, Abbas abad GR city and 9 km range Alborz Mountains and rainforests were among the most important and historic gardens and the largest in Iran.

This set the order of Shah Abbas Safavi years 1020 and 1021 AH. Khrgvran AH in earlier times was made up and is now the most important gardens of desert considered non-lead. Extent it is close to 500 hectares.

Abbas Abad Gardens GR 9 km city and the Alborz Mountains range, and located among dense forests.

Dave Tower general
Peak Tower Dave overall literacy mountain city is located in Mazandaran province. Total words in Mazandaran language is meaning nest. The tower of old stone and brick built and recently refurbished Grdydhast. 8 unilateral plan that is building four meters diameter and 5 / 3 meter is. Around the roof and walls of the short rectangular Lngrhay been seen. 3 window around the monitor it and a gate has been embedded in the ceiling for progression to have in the roof. In the past Hfaryhay هائی discovered the skeleton of the head gear of July & the effect they vault seen which indicates the loss of them is in the Jng·hayy. The building next to Village Road Rastvpy and white heather to the bridge at a Crossroads Red Abad and stone stairs from the road surface with easy access to work.
Strait of cut
Part of the way around the Haraz Vanna General Trading ancient artefacts to the old way to Ray Amol it is evident. The most important works, including two wall stile Steady as two half-columns that sky-high to Haraz river bed is made.

Nasser al-Din Shah to travel the remaining pieces of the Parthian period, and some researchers considered the contemporary construction time they know Sassanid era.

Cave Espahbod sun
Espahbod solar cave or castle Krkyl the way to Tehran Firouzkooh Do Ab city area of literacy is the mountain province. This cave had been Khtyrkvh the chest and historical texts to the Gothic castle Grgyly Aisha was read. County area in the language of this cave is known to Lap waist.

Dzhy this cave as a natural, was always used Espahbod Complex. Of Islam and simultaneously with the revolt Complex, this cave was the resort Vndad Hormuz.

Length of arc natural arch and the great cave and forty meters into the cave as the length of the oval Forum 75, width 25 and height is 15 meters. The cave wall with stone and mortar and deposited to the entry continues. Building this wall will be open to the Sassanian period. The cave has been dreadful precipice Seen it very difficult to make. Due to drinking water in the cave, in the past, the possibility that long-term resistance of Dashthast.

After the date has been 142 years HAPPY when the Arabs were for the conquest of Mazandaran enter the cave reached the foot. Espahbod sun ruler of Mazandaran Jbhhay outside the cave in the other Dylmstan busy fighting with the Arabs. Rbhayy cave at the bottom of any of Urdu were struck were unable to enter the cave to cave for three months were at the bottom and for alternative thought were influential in this cave lady Nicolas, spouse Espahbod sun was not his wife, ruler of this castle . Corps Arab water sources that were found upstream of the cave, according to poison the water threw Ahaly but the date [edit] water was contaminated with plague microbes, with contaminated water cave dwellers about 400 people suffering from plague disease Who were they did not dare burial. Ney that the dead woman Kla Mysprd soil was to plague patients. Nicolas which has destroyed the girls saw their Mhkla Shhkla and captured when the moon months in a tower above the temple was managed with competence all the three sound Espahbod زد. Day castle declined and two daughters and four girls lady straw Kla Sardar Vndadvnd, better, brocade, and Zimmer and Perry and most Arabs captured Dramdnd Nvamys Complex. This cave as historical texts to date Arch Complex Ayshh Grgyly castle is named Bob The appellation it is such a woman to the Islamic period in Ayshh Mthsn castle had been a group of pirates and the pirates the total had far and Krkyl (looting) lived this to the castle Ayshh Krkyl told. Also near the cave that remains is Qlhay Bajygran castle is known.

Caravanserai pass
Caravanserai pass in Mazandaran province, city literacy Mountain, is located in the pass.
This 25 km south of the heather, the Simplon mountain pass known as the Turkish, or Gdyk means cervix is located and the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, and therefore to the occasion is also known as Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. Property of the building that had been 30 meters long. Next page situated around the main entrance and rooms made by several northern and southern travelers for rest were considered. Front door of the main entrances of the single room Tuesday, there was probably predominantly Shah. The eastern side of the 50 meters in length. This also Caravansary the Safavid era is important.
The caravanserai point of history because they are also very important. When the mother of Reza Pahlavi (Reza Shah future) due to loneliness and financial problems first decision of immigration and life Alasht to Tehran with his brother takes off with a caravan in Tehran, Mazandaran, which is Mobile. Simplon pass that point is very cold even in summer holiday as many days, this trip is May Grfthast barrier. Young children (Reza) is hard for patients where everyone Mrdhash Mypndarnd and separation from their mother and their Mntqlsh Ghly the same house until after Dfnsh must. Cause animals body heat recovery in children. This event with little difference between the successive close and everyone has been quoted Reza Shah Reza Shah to believe that the incident has defined them.
This house is now turned into parking machines and mechanized snowplow toll pass and pass in the vicinity of the police is the way

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