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Before the arrival of Aryans to Iran and Mazandaran native people of this region through subsistence hunting and cattle lived significantly. Archeological studies in the caves belt and GR Hvtv human presence in Mazandaran to reach about 9500 BC. Aryan race immigration territory in north-eastern borders of the current millennium BC began with indigenous or Mykhtnd Tayq them came. Mazandaran current part of the broader land of the texts date with "Trshvargr" and "Ptyskhvargr" have to learn. Researchers, Mazandaran and Gilan adjacent to the cause and because of the natural and geographical conditions similar, generally intended the name and all areas south of the Caspian Sea between Azerbaijan and Khorasan, and are to consider a region. This about the time of the Achaemenid inscriptions Bisotun Ptshvarysh name is recorded. Tabari and men living in the dark area always in the best shooting war with the government other Achaemenid kings are introduced. Astrabn Jghrafyanvys this range as the Greek "Prkhvatrs» Name of living. Tabari War Game Vmrdha Darius III with Alexander the Macedonian "Gvgml" were responsible for a significant presence Ngahbany Imperial and his family were. Alexander conquered Iran, not through war of Complex conquered. Complex due to specific climatic conditions of the Ancient Days position governing the contents of family relatives. The first person in a written ruling by historians as the Complex from the city mentioned is Atvfrdat or Farhad Party. Complex because of the government land close to extinction Part Parthian actually Ashkani were under government hegemony. At the time of the Sassanid Empire state area command, was a king. If, when the throne of Ardashir, the administration of this section to "Gshnst King" or "Jsnst Shah was.
Amard were an Asian tribe in the West are Mazrvn Zystnd. They were the first in Anatolia, but Marvi expelled them from there and they were forced to land in Mazandaran social center of the city was Amol. Amol is the same Mrd Amol during the centuries has become. Next came the Aryans to Iran among them, and they Drgrft war based on a small tribe in wars and eat defeat in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Pars were released.

Tpvrha a tribe that historians say they were after Mrdha Mazandaran in Iran were released in the reconstructed. They were a warrior tribe in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards always attended the Royal Guard. Test the assumption that a few years ago proved that the generation Tpvrha The Aryans and Asian race were not.

Volume Aryans

After the coming of the Aryans to the Tabaristan Satrapi called Aryan race. Tpvry but more of their elders were ordered to the government to rulings Land had a way. Based on this, most on the Mazandaran Frmayy death were local kings. Traditionally the Mazandaran and Gilan Satrapi are united, and he read "Frshvargr" or "Ptyskhvargr" say sitting. Strabo, the Greek historian, of this land "Prkhvatrs" is named. Bstvn The inscription of this land between the north and Azerbaijan and Khorasan in the "Ptshvvarys" Name community. Dvtn the names of local rulers in the inscription are Aynchny: Atvfradat the Parthian period was the government. And other Jvshnsf Gvshnsf or that he was at the time of the Sasanian ruler. But 1500 years ago until 500 years ago, Mazandaran was a semi-independent territories who were administered.

Al Qarn
Khsrvshrvyn of Sassanid kings 1500 years ago, one of the elders was called Pars Qarn for sentence generation and Mazandaran Frmayy office is hereditary in his family. Qarn Svkhra son (one of the elders Pars), respectively. He makes a series of Mazandaran Mazandarani calendar is the source. But some believe that 50 years after the migration Qarn Brtkht sitting. Name this dynasty kings Celebrities include: Qarn son Svkhra, Vndadhrmz son Omar, Maziar Qarn second son.
When Gil Jamasb this series became Iran was conquered by Arabs. But they failed to hold because of the Mazandaran Alborz major obstacle to them. In this series Vndadhrmz reign is going to destroy the border, but not destroyed, but more Myabd several other series in this country is founded and Al Qarn Qlmrvv Myabd smaller. This series of about 1200 years ago with the Abbasids, but Maziar little peace of his relationship with this government is bad. Maziar stop learning takes Mazandaran Islam and does not toll Abbasids Abbasids until the campaign and Maziar Mazandaran arrested and killing and to the dynasty Al Qarn is destroyed after 351 years. It should be mentioned that the scope of this government, and more mountainous area at the time of this event Vndadhrmz has reached its peak.
Al Gubaru
172 calendar year to a man Mazandarani Gubaru established series that Gubaru name is Al. The more territory the plains of Mazandaran and Gorgan is today. This lineage of great kings are: Dabvyh son Gubaru, Sarouyeh Psrfrkhan Large (manufacturer Sari), Asphbdkhvrshyd son Dazmyr. This series Gzarysh 111 years after the foundation was destroyed.

This series of branches of Al has been Gubaru Founders Gzarsh Padvsban is. As history makes Padvsban Dabvyh brother and son was small Gubaru However, this series Gubaru the time Al was formed. Padvsbany territory was more Kjvr West Mazandaran, lights, and was included Larijan. Paytkhtshan time was light. Their period of light "Rstmdar", and Kjvr "embryo" are said. Padvsbanyan to 960 years in Mazandaran state. Kings of people Bzrgshan can be noted: Padvsban son Gubaru, Shahriar Padvsban son, Bahman son Kiomars.
With killed Kiomars Padvsbanan Last King of course, but they were extinct Shah Abbas I in this territory with other people Zystnd.

Bavand Dynasty
Bavndyvn of the most important series of Mazandaran. Their base in the south and Mazandaran and Mount Alborz Racing sentence were based on the courses to the kings named Bavand Fereidoon الجبال (King Mountain) would. Al Bavand 700 years in a series of Mazandaran state that this period on Tuesday was dismantled and re-established and based on this series of fill ups and downs know most Iranian dynasty kings Bavand to fear destruction of most of the mountains Qdrtshan Total was.
Founder of this dynasty was called Bav. Kavus man to his son and brother was Shyrvyn. When he learned of Arabs came to the hermit was Tabaristan (this time to a Zoroastrian priest Altar was involved) so that people smoke out the secrets of cracks in Mazandaran to work out and fight for them and Then the official policy it has conquered kingdom.

As was said Bavand Dynasty series three times and then extinguish the re-established three separate branches of the foundation in the three branches are
Kavsyh, Asphbdyh, Kynkharyh and kings in this series are written as:

Kavsyh category (655 to 1000 AD)
"Destroyed by Al zeyar»
Bav son Kavus
Son Sohrab Bav
Mhrmrdan son Sohrab
Son Sohrab Mhrmrdan
Son Sohrab SH
Shahriar son SH
Shapur son Shahriar
Qarn son Shahryar: (Qarn, when Hassan Ibn زيد, known as Dai Britain, fought with the Caliph "CE 864 and the Wii Tabaristan and Gilan, he came on.)
Rostam son Qarn
SH son Rostam
Shahriar son SH
Dara son Rostam
Shahriar boys have

Category Asphbdyh (1113 to 1209 BC)
"Destroyed by: Sultan Muhammad Shah Kharazm»
Shahriar Hsamaldvlh son Qarn
Qarn Njmaldvlh son Shahriar
Rostam Fkhraldvlh son Njmaldvlh Qarn
La’aldvlh Ali al Shahriar
Shahghazy son Rustam Ali La’aldvlh
Shrfalmlk Hasan son Shahghazy
A. son Hasan
Rostam Ardeshir Shmsalmlvk son.

Category Kynkharyh (1238 to 1349 BC)
"Destroyed by: a generalissimo to Bavand Afrasiab Jlavyh»
A. son Kynkhar
Shmsalmlvk M.
La’aldvlh Ali al Kynkhar
Tajaldvlh Yazdegerd son Shahriar
Shahriar son Nsraldvlh Yazdegerd
Rknaldvlh King Kai Tajaldvlh Yazdegerd
Shrfalmlk son Kai
Fkhraldvlh Hasan son Kai

Islamic Slasl
For two hundred years after Islam came to Iran Mazandarani were still Zrtshy. But little by little Mazandarani Game were Muslim. More Mrdmmazndran were Shiite. It was because many of the Sadat and Saudi Arabia to Iraq and the Mazandaran Skhnanshan they were convinced. Slasly that Sadat made the Shia branch were all from the same and were opposed by the Abbasids.

Alavian Tabaristan

The biggest and the first Islamic dynasty were Mazandaran. After Alavian by Abbasids in Iraq and Iran were defeated Tabaristan toward the land was safe and the people came to this territory was familiar with Islam and Shia. Until the Taherian Mazandarani of the weld called Zayd Hassan came to their help and independence in the way of royal officials should accept Hasan ibn Zayd said, and establishes a series Alavian. Taherian front of people that could Mazandaran List Safarian and Abbasids stand. They also hold jimmy said. The time in a manner specific to those who went Dylmstan Dylmyan invited to the Funeral. After Tabaristan Alavian was founded in Saaid also asked to obey the government because this territory is both religion and language were shared.
After the death of Hasan ibn Zayd سرداران Saaid difference between the extinction happened and this was Alavian. This government will rule 64 years. They built the first school in Mazandaran and Mazandarani and the Muslim Saaid said. Shia in Iran for their very hard set.


Al M.
They were a small series that are Zystnd thousand acres. Mortezaian territory south of Neka. They were one of the Sadat Hosseini.

Sadat Marashi
Mrshyan one of Bavand Dynasty Slasl who were replaced in Mazandaran. Marashi Sayed Qvamdyn founder of their dynasty. 877 Tabarri he founded the local chain. This series was Sarbedaran category. Since the Sarbedaran leader Sheikh Khalifa, was Amoli beliefs soon became Mazandaran. The time the ruling was not a good situation in Mazandaran Afrasiab Jlavyh Al Bavand the series will become extinct and the government made in Mazandaran. But the people they were unhappy. The same for the people when Qvamdyn rebellion to him and he could rely on a Corps to provide for themselves. Mrshyan and Jlavyn near Babylon with said buckle and win this war were Mrshyan. They were able to capture both Sari and Afrasiab kill. Mazandaran Mrshyan اینطوری get that. Amol was Mrshyan capital. Next to them were defeated Amir Timur Gvrkany and hyper Alnhr deported. Thus, while there they went to avoid war and power.

When Sultan Muhammad Khvarzmshah the Battle of the Brigades to escape the Mongol, pillar-Din, the Mongols to the position of Sultan Muhammad led a distinguished service to this effect, government by the Mongols, and finally by blue livery was Teymourian layout was dismantled and their governance . Amyrtymvr after death, Sadat Marashi with permission from Shahrokh (850 to 807 AH. C) back to the Mazandaran and held as a tribute to the reign of these areas. Finally, at the time of Shah Abbas Sadat Marashi general power destroyed. Azbrchydh to the feudal regime Tabaristan stall until 1006 AH continued, the area under Shah Abbas the Safavid dynasty and the next kings were provided. Safavid kings frequently as every year during hunting or for the rest Azahdas Frhabad trip to the region.
Afshar Narshah fight enemies, especially North Badshmnan Vrvs, the Drmazndran Dayrkrd a shipbuilding factory and added to boom the more area. Azdvrh Fath Ali Shah Qajar, the green area Zybav Angyzmazndran heart, as a break area and the recreational Nasereddin Shah ordered the Dvsfr repair roads and caravan Sraha issued.
Pahlavi monarchy Drdvran region of Mazandaran, such as through communication Sayrmnatq enjoy due to environmental conditions and local climate temperate, his perspectives Zbba near Tehran, where rest and recreation part of the country.

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