Province with an area of 24,091 square kilometers of lush northern provinces of the Iranian plateau is located in the Caspian Sea coast. The province of Gorgan in the West and East Gilan province is south and Semnan provinces, Tehran and Qazvin borders. Caspian Sea north of the border of the province is fully.
Mazandaran province of ancient archaeological studies in the caves and Hvtv belt in GR, human life in this province around 9500 BC estimates. Mazandaran current part of a broader land on which the texts of the name "Frashvragr" and "Ptyskhvargr" Yade said. Researchers, Mazandaran and Gilan due to proximity and due to natural and geographical conditions similar, generally being the name and all areas south of the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan and Khorasan are in the area know one. Of the inscriptions of the Achaemenid Inscription Name "Ptshvarysh" is recorded. Tabari dark and people living in this area always the best shooting, bow owners, sling set up, Swordsman and dart wars starting in the Achaemenid kings with other governments are defined. "Astrabn" search Greek geographer; this range as "Prkhvatrs" take up.
Number of historians and writers, from the root word of Mazandaran word "maze" means "castle" know. People on the command "Maziar Ben Qarn" famous Sardar Complex, to prevent parts of the Arab influence sensitive region of Mazandaran and began to build the castle as "Maz" + "location" means "the castle" is knew. Hejazi side writes: is not unlikely that Mazandaran, Aryan immigrant residence, the name of their God "Ayndr" is taken. If the two components of Mazandaran "Maze" and "Ayndr" will be formed. "Maz" Mz forms, لها, Mhy and Mzy means large, and Ayndr (Indar), the name of their God. These two components "Great God" and the pronunciation of Mazandaran Mazandran or "Land of the Gods" or "Land of God" are the pride of.
Some form of the name of Mazandaran Maz + involved + the know. Maz Mazandarani language is said to bee and those who accept the roots of Mazandaran meaning "where the bee is" know. Mazandaran province is green and Basfayy numerous natural attractions, historical, cultural and social in its place is. Value of this stream of exquisite natural and historical perspectives have is rich. Vision North province sides of the sky-blue sea, beautiful and peaceful forms of Mazandaran and the southern landscape dense forest covered slopes of the Alborz. Valleys and perspectives surrounding province of amazing effects of nature are shown. Caspian Sea around the sides of citrus gardens, Shali Zarha culture Zarhay green and covered with villas and residential centers and amazing effects and beauty are created. Waterfalls Mazandaran due to natural conditions, there are also mountains and in the thicket and forest, and in some mountainous areas, the combination of the time are set. Valleys of the province along the river and pulled the density of the surrounding forests for long has learned a variety of vegetation. Types of historic attractions such as Imam Zadeh, the mosques, bridges, water storages, castles and palaces along with many other attractions to this region of Mazandaran province, one of the most attractive and popular regions of Grdshgrtryn has become province in terms of natural and geographical position in any provinces of Nature and superior pole of tourism is considered. Nearly 12 million domestic tourists and tens of thousands of foreign tourists each year to spend leisure time to visit this province. There Caspian Sea (Caspian Sea) with a beautiful beach and appropriate, along with having Domain forested mountain of Damavand peak 5670 meters high, caves, waterfalls, rivers, numerous hot and cold water, mineral springs, wetlands especially in GR Miankaleh Peninsula, more than 800 historical monuments such as the collection of identified historic cities of Amol and Sari Chalus province to use a variety of tourists with different incentives has become.

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