Games Mazandarani

walnut or aghoz game:

The two players walnut two arranged on each other and with each turn to the whole or dark walnut (larger walnut) Suppose a walnut. If the first person to set-walnut Game clip them currently "winning is considered to be dark and the other players he was able to throw anyone to the owner all nut otherwise first person to accumulate all the walnuts.

Cade Marka:

Players are divided into two groups. Game or two pieces of wood and wood powder and Marka large or need. First group, small wood on to the Gvdaly then large wood in small wood and turns it to the long side to throw up. Context of each player to the greater distance, the group wins the people riding the winners can be losers.

Resin ka:

Y shape by resin wood is a two-piece rubber bottom strip of wood will be closed. Silt player Mark Stone and drag it towards the rubber back will throw stones and hand-will hunting.

Sling game:

Demonstration of traditional games, especially in the West of Mazandaran province, rope game. The game often "the wedding was held. Bazan string two people one person as the top of the rope way is open and another stands on the bottom detent. Unleash top rope with the head assembly or put on board bike path is on the ropes and also below the critical detent emoticons and comical movements will entertain the audience after the denouement pawl rotates between the audience and sweets and money to accumulate the money and the landlord are sweet.

Loocho wrestling province of local ships in the past and the wedding was performed. But today in some parts of this province every year ship in the summer after weed Shali, when leisure villagers work is done. In other spending, such as religious and national Ayad Loocho wrestling also be held and a prize winning cows that are purchased by people.
Competition for two experienced wrestlers are selected as a judge in ship strike any opponent's body or head, getting finger, Srchngk and shoulder butt and get to the ear, an error is considered. Making the ship two weeks Tmams defeated opponents, is the victor. Competition held during the drum-maker and is also played to orgasm give more competition.


Other entertainment durable, military ceremony in the village of cow milk Kla city of light Mattress local language is called war. Competition each year and a week after Loocho wrestling in early August to be held for 10 days. Competition before the people place money necessary to charge fees to be collected. A few days before the race through the historic competition held to inform villagers Vshhrha and even neighboring provinces will be given. Costs by keeping guests in the village and rent money collected is paid.

"Svchla or traditional hunting methods in water point:

One way to central revenue villages in Mazandaran Birding traditional method when the low point water is blue. Mid-autumn birds such as swan, goose, Chngr, types of duck and ... Cold parts of the Caspian Sea coast that has a temperate climate, immigration and more water to that point because of culture Shali, location is suitable for feeding birds, are immobile. This hunting in the early fall of each year to 15 Persian month Esfand dark night with no archery equipment traditional hunting and local regulations will be done. During this time, water and grazed point shooting distance of around 500 meters is prohibited. This type of hunting by tours and more predominantly mud villages, Sydmhlh, Zarin Kla, and musk Larym Abad Road, Sari - Babolsar Khazar Abad road is done.
Traditional fishing method "day temperature":

Hunting day to day temperature usually "in late October with the migration of wild birds sad day is done. For a few days before the migration of wild birds, duck Game bred in place to keep fishing to the environment used do. Gvdaly then place the desired area of 20 square meters are drilled. the pit in a vertical grid to which cotton is closed. head hunters in the yarn is to wild birds entering the area duck Sort by Total wild birds are to Pyvndnd them toward the pit Kshannd. then kill the hunter thread on tour pit falls and the birds are animals exist.

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