Celebrity Mazandaran

* Martyr Sheikh grace you. . . Light:
Sheikh Fazl you. . . Light-year 1295 AH celebrity scholars. AH in the village Lashk Kjvr was born. After the scientific and business degree qualifications Ejtehad in Najaf came to Tehran and Tehran province of large bodies of income. Clergymen, he was prominent in the struggle against colonialism. During the constitutional movement, the Taliban and the Constitutional Assembly Mshrvh but opponents Enforcement Ghrbzdgan Islam and accused him of tyranny and finally 13 days of Rajab 1327 AH. AH AH equal to Persian date 11 Mordad, 1288. No. Birthday of Hazrat Ali (AS) after a court trial, he similarly condemned Rsanydnd martyrdom.

* Nima Yooshij:
Nima Yooshij in 1276 AH. No. Yoosh the village functions Baladeh city light section was born. Nzdakhvnd read and write ten learned. The offense in Tehran and in school studying to St. Louis. Dranja Mlmhaysh encouraging one system to fulfill the verse was working. In 1300 the song peaked poem story in the newspaper that published Mirzadeh Eshghi. At the same time the poet laureate poets and Mehdi Hamidi and spring. . . Opposition and hostility began to Bavi. Nima old-style poets poetry and song not his poetry Hemistich were long and short. Can be the most famous poems of Nima legend, IP people, ring and Bird pointed Nima amino Finally, in 1338 AH. Darfany No. Shemiran in the Tajrish said farewell in 1373, and framework Nima Yoosh place during the gala ceremony in the courtyard home burial was.

* Haj Sheikh Mohammad Kvsany:
Haj Sheikh Mohammad Kvsany known verse or ... People of Mountain Village is Bhshhrmazndran Kvsan functions and Shamsi was born around 1275. Education staff with their teachers and technology in Mashhad Najaf completed plant, in asceticism and Vr today renowned throughout the text of Mazandaran and leisure agriculture and science teaching and religious scholars and hernia Rtq Maham Affairs President Khlayq pass. Drqsmt rational and traditional sciences and philosophy and theology Mahrv owner Nafiseh Publications is in this regard. Is known that Hazrat Ayatollah say. . . The late Mr. Seyed Abolhassan Isfahani repeatedly that Frmvdnd pilgrims there are Order عتبات Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Kvsany for Mazandarani mass of Vday is divine. Friary garb with a journey on foot in the 1313 calendar year to Mecca and in some religious authorities Mtbrkh Srbrd. Ayatollah Mountains month you Ziqa'dah 1391. AH the illness was active in patients with asthma Vqlb Rabi 1392 AH. Darfany AH was the farewell of the Funeral and very glorious and unique cities of Gorgan and GR and Ali Abad Katoul and Bojnurd and Shirvan and Quchan and Mashhad, and finally Samen الائمه the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) was buried.

* Hasan ibn Zayd, known as Dai Kingdom:
Xia Dynasty Complex Alavian head Hasan ibn Zayd the "motive to al-Haq", "first motive" or "Dai Great" is. Of his early life a lot of information was found, and most researchers and historians to review only the uprising have paid. Aznvshth by historians such that he comes back Musta'in with the caliphate. . . In 250 AH. AH was rebellion.
About why such rebellion Hasan ibn Zayd have written that: When the Complex in the area of rule was Taherian, Amir this series for people with administrative provinces have carte blanche to dispatch. On time
Emirate Mhmdbn Abdullah. . Taheri, Jabrn Aaron Nsrany, to obtain a tax was placed in Mazandaran. The oppression of the people was so large that reliable group of people is inevitably forced to and the Gilan and Dylman were Voyageur. Some other Gallup Poll to come to one of the Alavian Complex Mhmdbn Abraham went and he asked to have led them to take responsibility. But he them towards Hasan ibn Zayd, who later became known as a great motive and the time will stay in Ray, will lead.
Late Allameh Amini has written about him:
Inmate in his religion and principles, and branches appear to "Al Mohammad Reza I" was invited and have written the first one that sepulcher Ali (AS) to the wall and monument maintenance Mobarakeh Pradkht was Hasan ibn Zayd.

* Ayatollah. . . Grand Ayatollah Haj Mirza Hashem Amoli:
In 1322 AH. AH Drrvstay Prdmh seen Larijan functions was born in Amol city. Year 1335 AH. AH the determination to study in Tehran and New Drbdv attention the teacher was late. In 1345 he e. AH to complete their knowledge in Qom Seminary Voyageur stay the course neighborly verses Grand Ayatollahs of Qom Haeri Yazdi, and Kashani. . . Were benefited.
In 1351 AH. AH Ejtehad obtaining degrees from Ayatollah Haeri Yazdi and Ayatollah Hojjat to continue to study the migration to Najaf and 30-year stay in Najaf could large areas of the Phoenix Chapter verses Grand Ayatollahs Haj and Haj Mirza Abol Hossein Esfahani Naini would use. Supreme e squash in 1381. AH returned to Iran and the adjacent Holy sepulcher Hazrat Masumeh (SA) payments to teaching and principles of jurisprudence.
Ayatollah Amoli Ghyraztalyfat very valuable to students and develop technology such as Ayatollah name. . . Sheikh Hassan Hassanzadeh Amoli, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli and Sheikh Abdullah. . . The existence of children had a pleasant and competent that include:
Doctor Mohammad Javad Larijani, doctor Fazel Larijani, Bagher Larijani and Hojatoleslam doctor Sheikh Sadeq Larijani and Supreme Leader celebrity body clean in 1371 AH. Shrine of Hazrat Masumeh Drhrm No. (Q) was buried.

* Ibn شهرآشوب Saravi:
Abvjfrmhmdbn Ali Ibn شهرآشوب Saravi Mazandarani call to "saddle-Din" Vmrvf to "Ibn شهرآشوب" in AH 489. AH was born. His effort and his able Zhmat as one of the biggest Mrvjyn school, books resuscitator Al Mohammad (PBUH) and reproducer of religion in his time is considered. Because of his clashes with Governor of Mazandaran region and to stay out was final Shhrhlb Syria in order to land the business of science to many trips زد.
In his magnanimity enough that scientists of Sheikh Tusi him "Sheikh Altayfh" have read all the books he resuscitator تراجم Shi believes inmate works.
Ibn city chaos further knowledge to meet Aazm Jmat many Islamic scholars found success, including: Ali ibn Beyhaqi Author Date Beyhaqi, popular author Jarallh Zmkhshry Shiite interpretation "Kshaf" pole-Din Razi and. . .
Of his most famous books that they needed several Brjay "book" Managhebo Al Abi Talib (AS) "and the most famous author is indebted. Sdsal he finally Amr after spending about seventy years of hardworking Funeral service, Friday Drshb 22 months of Sha'ban 588 AH. AH remaining land in the city came to Aleppo.

Or Amélie Bvjfrbn Jryrbn II the "Imam Almvrkhyn" most historians believe in you 244. AH was born in Amol. His first major historian and interpreter throughout the Quran is Islam. Publication of several Al-Tabari, a souvenir left Jryr the most comprehensive Qur'anic whose name is Tfsyralqran Bayan fi Tafsir al-Tabari and interpretation of the famous Ibn Jryr. Publication Date Tabari Azdygr He is known mainly known as al-Tabari is the same book. Tabari in 310 Jryr Mhmdbn you. AH died.

* Allameh Hasan Hasan birth Amoli:
Year 1307 in one of the areas seen to the universe was born in Amol. Child, "Hassan" to learn the Quran with a virtuous lady and sent her to learn to read and write Quran payment. Then went to school for the study and science of increasing religious Tlbgy infatuation turned to his hometown at the age of 22 books and religion courses, including preliminaries, the installer Alsbyan, Syvty margins, Shray scholar and taught at once extended line Calligraphy received the necessary skill and in 1329 moved to Tehran and study sessions Amoli and Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Aqa Seyed Ahmad Lavasani brightness and other courses to learn to pay. Courses Rasa'il Mkasb, Kfayh, references Sheikh الرییس the presence Lmayy as divine Qomshe, Ashtiani, Fazel Tony, can Shrany studentship. But Asna special skill of Mathematical Sciences, won the board and astronomy. Sometimes for the presence of unmatched contemporary philosopher Hazrat Ayatollah Tabatabai way to Qom Vaz Since then serious efforts to research instead of remaining works of duty lasting Farzaneh in the field of philosophy, Islamic mysticism Vmarf is:
Nahj correction of the manuscript Seyed Razi - Arab Jldyn principles enough, Khzayy, summary Almnhj --
Charh-e Fosos Emperor - Full course correction wisdom Mtalyh Mollasadra - correction, teaching and valuable books تحشیه Azqbyl provisions Alqvad Sayn-Din Fsvs Hekam Farabi, principles Euclid Kalila wa Dimna - Quran
Man - Nm Alavlayh - Divan poetry.

* Mr. Haj Sheikh Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi-ye `Amoli Damt wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatoh:
Mbrz professors of philosophy, mysticism, the interpretation of Quran, Fiqh and principles and has many of the Science Publications.
In AH 1312 AD in the city of Amol Rohani had a family was born.> Father of the ulama and Vaz was the city of Amol. After the end of elementary Seminary Courses Amol joined there for five years from the presence of some teachers Barzk·h students were late mullah Khorasani interest Brdv secondary stage and the arrangements and principles of jurisprudence to Hadith completed. In September of 1329 AD with the migration to be left on for Shhraml Tehran with Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Taqi went ye `Amoli.
Subjects interpretation of Holy Quran
Book Alkhms
Shari'ah in the mirror
Tahrir Tmhydalqvad
Book Alslah
Spirituality of Hajj
Dignity in the Quran
Moral agents in the Islamic state
Around revelation and leadership
Secrets Ebadi
Jurist province, the leader in Islam
Rhyq finishing
Nmadv myth

* Ibn Esfandiar:
Moqtada al-Din Muhammad ibn Hasan Esfandiari, author of celebrities and writers on Complex late sixth century and early seventh century AH. Is AH. Unfortunately, the early life of Ibn Esfandiar information and quality education is not much turn. But the post itself on the introduction of such Complex comes back in the rudiment Larijan hometown is learned. Ibn Esfandiari "father on Mazandaran" have called for the first book means that we on the news and is aware of Mazandaran and historians after its studies is considered. Of life in the name dated 613 AH. AH after the date of Complex complete information is available.

* Mhmdbn Jryr bin Rustam Tabari:
Rustam Tabari Jryrbn Abvjfrmhmdbn Amoli مکنی to "Al" and "Ibn Fazel" One of the major Shiite clerics in the late third century and fourth century AH. AH is considered.
One of the major Shia clerics Avakhrqrn third and fourth century AH. AH is considered. Amoli most scholars know his men, but from the Sari Ibn Asfndyarav knows and writes. Jryr Alsrvy Muhammad ibn Rustam, supreme leader, speaker and owner of the Hadith, his religion scholar household (AS) and long service Reza Ali ibn Musa (AS), respectively. Jurisprudence and Hadith and men and interpretation skills, and in fact was one of the undisputed masters of science was considered men. Alhmydh principles, Alayzah the Imamate, and الائمه reasons. . . . Publication of his is considered. Unfortunately, he passed on is not clear.

* Seyed Zhyraldyn Marashi:
Marashi Sayed Zhyraldyn of politicians and scientists of the year 815 or 817 or 818 AH. AH was born in Amol seen. As wise men name the late Ayatollah Ozma Seyyed Shahab al-Din Marashi Najafi notes brought Tbarnamh Mrshyan night due to his multiple saddle العابدین Imam (AS) appears. In addition, Seyed Zhyraldyn the politicians of his time, one of the authors able to age was also considered. His major to history Dvasr Complex and on the embryo and the Mazandaran and Gilan and Dylmstan fact that the two effects supplement each other and to any reliable sources on Sadat Mazandaran and Gilan are considered. He works to profit from the terms and phrases you chew suggests that his vision is Shiite. For his work on the subjects of historical importance and Ashtmal the very beginning has been used on journalists. He e 877. AH from Karkya Mirza Sultan Muhammad Ali's successor Karkya generalissimo Iranian Georgians became a province and as life remains the same rank and position is. This dated back to 892 eventually leading you. AH seen the world died.

* Amyrpazvary:
Amyrpazvary that "Amir Mazandarani" and "Sheikh Aljm" is known, the greatest poets of Mazandaran burnt heart and soul is smooth. Unfortunately, the life of the poet Arif information is comprehensive and accurate turn but what poetry is that he comes back he Pazvar peasant people "area, between Babylon and Babolsar" is. Amir of poetry since hundreds of years ago with songs and appealing for "Amir" without the smallest

Change in Mazandaran is common. He Hazrat Ali (AS) had many special Aradty Verses Quran Majid identically or as resolved has in his poems. Amir are two poems: those who set clear and rational love are his rural naivete; under other poems that chart the surrounding text to the Qur'an and Hadith News and wisdom and philosophy of logic and mysticism. Dvjld his poems called "Divan-e Amir Mazandarani" in 1277 AH. AH died in 1860, according to published Ptrzbvrg. The demise of the Amir as his birth is not known. Biographical Memoir of Contents can be downloaded in Amyrkla he unfortunately died and his grave is not known and called Amyrkla occasion to name his name is called.

* Mrbn Tiberiades:
Abvhfs Mrbn Tiberiades Baghdad engineer and designer, astronomers, translator of the pioneers of knowledge mathematics, Academic, astronomy and architecture and the greatest scientists of Mazandaran second century AH, was born. That his language Pahlavi, was fluent in Arabic and Persian, one of the pioneers in translation is considered. Abu Tabari Hfs undoubtedly the elders of science and Abu became the official representative garden and Academic Rank, Abvyvsf him with Jacob Ben Isaac Kennedy, compared to the Arab philosopher. Including works from his Jamandh include: Alarbh Ptolemy, communities and النجوم Asrar fi science book entry Alqysrany fi short sentences النجوم.
The scientist also passed on such Date of birth despite his efforts it has brought to.

* Iraj Malek-Pour:
Iraj Malek Pour in Shhraml was born in 1319. His elementary and secondary education in the city of Amol and spent the final year high school in Tehran Academy and completed the same year at Tehran University to study physics payment. In 1353 more successful doctoral degree in space and in satellite. Property poor second PhD in physics received stars.
Since 1355 the Institute of Geophysics Tehran University worked. Field doctor property-poor, stars exploding, and many articles are in this field.
His works can be, including: the Iranian calendar year 5000 before the year 3540 AH to 1500 migration. Sat as a 19-volume set has been developed. Iran's official calendar: Report Number 81 staff Tehran University Geophysics Institute, books about mysterious flying saucer, books twenty-volume comparative period.

* Njmay Mazandarani:
Name of Love is the departure of his mistress to "Rana" song that made Sharareh exciting fire and sing with Drvnysh ابیات, that song is called Abvta Nshand down. This story, like play Vis and Ramin and Majnoon story John and Lily melt hearts will describe data, with the difference that singing stories to poets such as name and Gorgan Hakim Fakhruddin As'ad military broadcaster, but real love story that this story is of national stories of this land, and in most parts of Mazandaran, and removed it from the villagers in times of ecstasy and rapture, and wake and wedding chamber and read server. Life history research was not a singer, but is a scholar of ancient times was known as North pages.

* Taliban Amoli:
Mtkhls Mhmdamly the "Taliban" insurgents Amoli Mshhvrbh poet laureate, poets and speakers called eleventh century Hijri and Four Pillars of Hindi poetry is light. Taliban insurgents in Amol, was born in 994 AH and died in India found in year 1036 Hijri. His tomb in northern India Shhrfth Poor henbane, Drjvarmqbrh I trust Bzrgvarsh Dawla
Tehrani, the Chancellor is Mshhvrhnd. Insurgents in India reached a peak on for peak Poetry property Alshrayy court officials reached the peak in 42 years died in honor and credit. Taliban love story and Amélie Mhajrtsh India, field time and seen in the light of the persistent stories in the area has become a culture of Mazandaran. Masnavi Taliban and Venus (Talba), the story of his love to a girl from Venus who Hmdrs his childhood school.

* Seyed Heidar Amoli:
Seyed Heidar Amoli of Shiite elders mystics are the eighth century AH. His birth year 720 AH. AH and died in his Shhraml year 794 AH. AH have quoted. His major works can be "interpreted Almhyt Alazm Fi البحر Alkhzm" and preparations نص Alnsvs "that the" interpretative Shi'i "range name.
Personality characteristics of scientific and mystical and the Shia Seyed Heidar Amélie, constantly in your books, especially in communities Asrar, the privacy and privacy Amamyh Shiite Sufism real defends she believes that between the Islamic religious Shiite Asnashryh that only the right and Shiites are Amamyh prosperity and Shia people and force the school and household cleanliness is the direct path.
One of his professors Full Sheikh "researcher Noureddine Tehrani" and other Abvalmthrhly, child Allameh Seyed Heidar the solution is to "saddle العابدین Sani" is addressed.

* Abvs·hl mountain:
Ibn Rostam Abvs·hl Bijan Mnjmyn of mathematicians and name of the second half of the fourth century and early fifth century AH. Is AH. The early life of his information is very accurate turn. So much is clear that his primary Jebal Complex and was therefore the "Abvs·hl mountain" was nicknamed. This higher magnitude contemporary mathematician Abu Rayhan Biruni and Avicenna Avicenna on for a professor is promises. After learning his knowledge and talents of primary interest because the fields of mathematics and astronomy had to complete their education and with teachers paid Dvrshth In this technology to be their degree of pupillage was masterful. He AH 378. While the presidential Shhrbghdad AH observatory was held by officials of the observation Kvakb arts. In the field of mathematics, Khayam mausoleum, she is known mathematician vires. Schneider said that the so-called cone beam is the description. The most important mountain Abvs·hl works include: "Center Aldvayr Almtmas·h Ali Alkhtvt differently analysis" and book "I fired Alkhtyn Mlvmh angle point to Ali through analysis". This scientist much higher, around 405 AH. Farewell to the AH Darfany said.

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