Mazandarani language

Mazandarani language (to Mazandarani: Mazen or Maznyky) the name of one of al-Tabari language Iranian languages and one of the Northwest branch of Iranian languages. The language in the provinces of northern Iran (especially in the land of ancient Complex) is spread by people Mazandarani. According to 1993 statistics, and 3-4 million, it was spoken as native language and language experts believe that with a difference is of Persian

On language

5th century AH. AH governor Mazandarani Complex with Pahlavi language and coin Myngashtnd Myzdnd. Two inscriptions in the Pahlavi in the Rskt Dodangeh Sari Vgnbd Lajym County has obtained Mu'ayyad this comment. Recently, several manuscripts of literary translator language Tabari and greyhound back to harvest copies of the Quran found that this language can download them from the language Tabari in the first centuries after Islam was an extensive literature. Moghaddasi noted that language Complex language and Jrjan Qvms province is close, but while it is Shtabzdgy lot Vha intended.

Language historic properties

Compared to other Iranian languages, Mazandarani influenced and affected no reviews of Arabic and Turkish history and the changes in Brdhast survived, although several centuries words Byganhay languages, Turkish and Arabic into the language, and today was also criteria due to Persian influence in the region to use this language to decline Iranians.

Literature Mazandarani

Main article: Literature Language Mazandarani Mazandarani (Tabari old) was a considerable literature. Know that the book "Marzban letter" Tabari was written language and the language is Parsi Dari translator. Ibn Esfandiar Tabari language Divan poem with the name "Niki letter" will tell it to Ibn Rostam Marzban Espahbod Ben Shervin author Mrzbannamh "is compared. Qaboos letter two bits in the language of the author Tabari recorded. Ibn Esfandiar some poets of this land that Tabari language learning and poetry Mygfthand example of Vrdhast Srvdhhay them. In "on the embryo" Amélie Avlya’allh also poets ابیاتی Mazandarani Tabari language is recorded. Collection of the two Bytyhay Tabari "Amir and prominent poet called" Amir Pazvry "is attributed, in Mazandaran there that" Darren Bernhard »East knowing Russian version and earned them the title" Knzalasrar in age Ptrz Burgee (or - Ptrz Bvrgh age) with the refrain has published translations Forums.

Name and attribute

Mazandarani language grammatical gender exists. Total number of different extensions by including "- Van" and "- Game" takes place. Adjective comes before the name. For example: "thorn Book meaning" good book ".

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