Foods Mazandarani

Foremilk Msma:

Chicken of walnut, chicken, Pickled pomegranate is correct.

Week in China:

Rice with meat

Sour Trshv:

Rice with beans, Pickled Plum, like soup to right.


Yogurt to baked beans and garlic is added to hot.


Spinach cooked with pomegranate seeds, lentils, garlic hot orange paste Gvjhv Pomegranate Juice

Ash gourd:

Cooked rice, cooked and mashed winter Zrshk water and sugar has been added.


Mashed eggplant kebab and that it Ryhan verjuice, Jafari Vsyr Powder is added.

Spinach Mrjy:

Include cooked spinach, lentil, garlic, and pomegranate is tart.

K·hy Pomegranate:

Winter bean and lentil cooked with cooked with pomegranate walnut worn Vdanh that their hot garlic added and mixed with the rice is eaten.


Lentil, bean, spinach, red meat, is made of walnut and is mixed with the pomegranate seeds are added to the final course when eating hot food on Ryznd.

Stew prunes:

Chicken cooked with pomegranate seeds, plum and red onion hot.

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